What can I do in a situation like this?


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Feb 6, 2012
So, I sold some really cheep things on ebay. SD Cards, envelopes, pencils and so on. I know I didn't ship in time or with tracking number, but I really wanted to be able to sell really cheap. I am really sorry for the delays I had, but I was kind of a new seller when i begun to sell in bulks.

I got an account like this guy.



Just that I got 12000 positives and 70 neutral and around 450 negatives... I am 96% after I was a top rated before getting into "bulk selling". I made nice $, I bought a nice 1 room apartament and 1 nice, new Toyota car here in Budapest, Hungary. But I will like to keep going. I also found 2 girls to help me with packaging and delivery ... but it was tooooo late...

What can I do right now? I was even thinking of letting the account dead for a few months, and then in the last month (they calculate feedback from the last 90 days, if you got 400 + feedbacks) to fill the account with fictive feedbacks. Just start 1 cent auctions, create accounts, buy from myself. If some peole buy.. then is ok, ship in time this time.... if 400 fake feedbacks, can help , right?

From where I can buy those?
do not take too many orders at a go... take lesser and give them a wider shipping time margin this should help increase you efficiency
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