What can I do as an eBay programmer?

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Nov 17, 2015
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I write my own software for use with eBay and I'm interested in knowing what anybody thinks might be a good way to integrate my software with the concept of dropshipping?

I can do lots of different things that I think would really benefit me. For example, I have the ability to automatically post up probably 20,000 items for sale every single day. This is useful because after a week's time, I'll have so many items up for sale from amazons most-popular list, that it's almost inevitable that I will be making some significant amount of money. Especially if I have multiple stealth accounts, which I can also create for myself.

I'm not sure how everyone else fulfills their orders when dropshipping from websites like Amazon, but I'm pretty sure it would be easy to automate the fulfillment process in its entirety too. Not to mention researching all of my competition to give me a better understanding of my sales, and how to make them better.

I know there's probably already software that does all this stuff, but I think I have a leg up because I have the ability to customize it any way that I want it. I only talk about these so-called skills I have, to showcase what COULD be done, and I really feel like there's something better to do than just Dropship books and toys from Amazon??

Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions on what I might be able to do, given my skillset?
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