What are these methods of making money?

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    Hello everyone. I'm trying to create a youtube page, and monetize off the videos I post and possibly monetize off Twitter and Facebook if that's even possible. I'm halfway finished my business plan and this is part I'm stuck in.

    1)I'm extremely lost with all the acronyms and tools i see on this forum, I have an idea of what some of them mean but I would be grateful if you would give me an understanding of what they mean.
    2) Is it possible to use a mixture of these to make money or is something like 2 at a time or all at once. Example: PPC & CPC at the same time.
    3) Does twitter and facebook pay you directly? Or do you have to use that traffic for your website?

    Networks(Mahinima, TGN, MakerStudio) Is being independent better than these? Or does the income vary depending on on you traffic.

    PPC ?
    PPD ?
    PPI ?
    CPM ?
    CPA ?
    CPC ?
    EMD ?
    CTR ?
    CR (maybe this one was a mistake)

    Please note any more important acronyms i might have not seen on this forum. Thank you!
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    It seems like you're really new to all of this, it would be easier to just search the forums and find out yourself.
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    As said, You can search each term and find a full page of each meaning.
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    The Cold North...
    ORRRRR you guys could help him out.
    Here dude I'll answer your questions.
    1) PPC ? This is Pay Per Click! Usually with ads like Adsense type material where you get paid per number of clicks.
    PPD ? This is Pay Per Download! People do surveys in order to download a file, you get paid.
    PPI ? This is Pay Per Install! Users have to install something or serveral programs and you get paid for install.
    CPM ? Cost per Impression! I've barely heard anything about this, it's not a term used too often.
    CPA ? This is Cost Per Action. This is the broad category of "Pay per" field. So PPD,PPC,PPI, are are CPA forms because they call users to perform an action.
    CPC ? Cost Per Click! This is again related to stuff like adsense. Usually this is from an advertisers point of view or publisher doesn't matter. This is how much it costs YOU to for every person that clicks a certain ad.
    EMD ? This is Exact Match Domain. When your keywords match your domain name exactly.
    CTR ? Click-Through-Rate. It measures your success of a campaign you have. It's a percentage and I believe the smaller it is the better. Because it's Clicks/Impressions. Impressions are when a user sees and ad. And click is self-explanatory.
    CR This is Conversion Rate. This is the percentage of your clicks that "convert" or in essence bring you profit.
    Some more you might see? Well, you could see TOT - Turn Over Time, it's how long it takes to accomplish and order.

    2)It is possible to use more than one at a time to make money. However, I would strongly oppose it. Because it's a lot of work and too much to keep track of. Plus some of these aren't too good on ROI ( btw another term Return On Investment - the money you get back from an investment). I haven't heard of ANYBODY using all these methods at once. It's ridiculous because they're so fast and each take so much time. As well, it takes a while to specilize within each of these. I would recommend PPD. That worked the best for me. There are many eBooks and lots of stuff on this forum related to PPD and it's really easy to get started and pretty good ROI. If you need to sign up on a network I would recommend CPAGrip. Best network I've been on by far. If you need a ref link, just shoot me a PM and I'll provide you with one, they accept automatically too btw, so you don't need to wait like other networks.

    3) I don't quite understand your question. As far as I'm aware of , Facebook is pretty good for ads, if you happen to get caught for "suspicious behavior on facebook" check out my thread I found a way around it. I recommend starting with traffic on your own website first. Because unless you know what you're doing with Facebook you're not ganna get far at all.

    That depends. I mean if you're a great gamer I think
    Machinima would probably take you. I'm not sure about the pay there but there's a limit to stuff like that. You have to be absolutely amazing at it. If you think you can do it, go right ahead. I would highly recommend starting independent. It's a great way to learn and it's the best way in my opinion. I hope I helped.
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    Thanks, now i know this forum has user friendly people, that actually take time and help, unlike the other 2 posts. I can finally continue my business plan :)