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    Hi guys, This is not for seo purposes but it seemed like the best place to ask since you guys deal with proxies in this subforum.

    I'm currently buying shared proxy's from a proxy provider, but I'm not happy with the *uniformity* of the IP ranges.

    When I order 100 proxies from them, I get three random cities and the IP ranges are extremely easy to spot

    For example I might get 90 proxies all with the following format

    60 x 23.247.151.xxx
    30 x 23.108.800.xxx

    This is a huge fingerprint for my purposes.

    I've read through the marketplace and some seller's provide "non-sequential ip's". That sounds like what I need, but I may be totally off (and it means something completely different).

    I'm looking for semi-private proxies (eg shared with 3 people at the most) which have a large variety of IP configurations.

    I understand every town has its own IP range, but there are thousands of towns in the US. Perhaps it is unrealistic to expect a large variety of IP ranges since these proxy providers are running their servers from particular locations, but I really do need something better than buying 100 ip's and 60 of them all have the format 23.247.151.xxx

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Would really be appreciated.

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    Possible to share the purpose of need via PM fine too if it's too private to share at public.

    So better advice you accordingly.