What are my links worth?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by mrmidjam, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Got an email from someone wanting to place 4 links on 2 different pages on my site going to two different sites.

    my page 1 => their site 1
    my page 2 => their site 1
    my page 3 => their site 2
    my page 4 => their site 2

    They said they wanted to add a couple of sentences, with anchor text I'm guessing. I've been offered $80 for all of the links for a year upfront they also said it was flexible which, has driven me to write this thread.

    My site is a PR2 and about 6 months ago I was getting over 100k UV a month but, I changed the site slightly and lost quite a bit of traffic I'm now on 20k - 40k. And have very recently done a rumer blast of 10k

    their site 1 : PR4 BLD:21600 DMZ=Y, YAH=Y
    their site 2 : PR3 BLD:2290 DMZ=N, YAH=Y
    my site : PR2 BLD:1560 DMZ=N, YAH=N

    My question is does this sound like a good deal or could i squeeze more from it.