What are daily works in SEO?

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    My website is listed 1page 2nd place in yahoo search for that keyword "it support ny". But not in google. Already i posted lot of articles in different web 2.0 sites and article directories (nearby 50) for last month. Still i'm not see any improvement. When i can see it's result? What are the difference between yahoo and google search.

    And anyone tell me, what we do daily task for one website. That means how many articles posting, forum posting, profile link building, directory submission, social bookmarking we want to do per day. If we do that, when will we see that result.

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    yahoo and Google use different algorithms. Google algos are pretty tough than yahoo algos.
    And Google keep on updating their algos more frequently which is why it is difficult to break.
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    Ok you done good work but sufficient u must submits at leat 10 to 40 good quality article with orignal content do daily 1 or 2 smo submission and also classified. you will definatly see the result with in the week.
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    This is what my daily routine looks like.
    Monday: Create a website, blog or squidoo lens using one of my niches.
    Tuesday: Send a mail out to people on your optin list either about your new creation (that you made yesterday), about a product that you are promoting, a friendly tip. Surf 50-100 sites at each of the traffic sites that you joined.
    Wednesday: Write two articles today - relating to your niche. Either write them from scratch, or use some of the packs you can buy.

    With both articles, add a link to your niche or an affiliate product. You can either add it to the content of the article, or add it at the bottom of your article as an added recommended resource.

    With your first article: Add it to your website.

    With your second article: Add your website link to 2-3 keywords in your article that you would like to rank high in Search Engine Rankings and distribute it to as many article directories as possible.

    The first week you do this, you will probably spend most of the day registering at article directory sites. Take the time, it is well worth it.

    Thursday: Hit the forums. Find a couple of niche specific forums and show up in there at least once a week. If your site is about cats, then find one about cats. Make good use of your signature space - do not spam the forums! Just post helpful, friendly messages and let your signature do the talking.

    Friday: Social bookmarking is also a fantastic way to get backlinks and traffic. Many of the sites use 'no-follow' links which mean that you wont be getting the link power but, it's a great way to get instant traffic!

    Sat.& Sun.: Catch up on anything you may have not had time to work on.
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    Q. When i can see it's result?
    According to me it takes around 3-4 weeks to reflect change in ranking by your linkbuilding work..

    Q.What are the difference between yahoo and google search.

    According to me Google covers around 70-75% of traffic for all searches.. So if you have a good ranking in google then you also have good traffic on your site..

    Q. what we do daily task for one website. That means how many articles posting, forum posting, profile link building, directory submission, social bookmarking we want to do per day.

    I changes my working strategy according to the position of site and also on the keyword basis.. Currently I am posting around 50 contextual links daily(20article+20blogs+10PR).. around 20 bookmarking, 20 profiles, 10-15 directory, 20 wikis, SMO etc.. But I use different keywords for different kind of backlinking..(ie I do not make all links for same keyword or article)
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    Yes, You Are Going Well..!!!

    Main Difference in Google And Yahoo Search Result is That ..They Both have different Crawler/Robot... Google Robot is Very Fast as Compare To yahoo or Bing.

    Use Unique Content for Submission For New Website ..You Will Surely See a Big Improvement In SERP.