what am i doing wrong

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    im trying to get proxys and seem to be Fing the pooch

    i use sbox to scrape a list of ip ( not the internal list)
    i take the list to charon and filter dodgy then check for anon then delete non anon
    i take the list back to sbox and test again

    problem is i can take a 2500ip block from the 90k ip sbox initial list i make and then after the 2500 goes through charon its <25 good ips .. but when i put those 25 back into sbox all of them fail/codeen/blockedIp if 1 passes im lucky ... and then if i try to use that one its slow or just fails

    this has been going on for a week or so... am i doing something wrong or are those just the normal odds for proxys? seems odd that so many proxys would have so little/no useable proxys