What am i doing wrong?

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    I used to work for a sports company as a grunt, one day my boss phoned me and told me i had to work on that day and to be there in one hour, i was in bed when he phoned me. I was pissed off and completely lacking in motivation for the job so when he said you either come into work or hand in your notice, i told him i would leave. I did not think about it over for a minute, it seemed like a reaction, but hell it felt good.

    So, now i work here at home online doing simple work for twice the money i was earning at that job. However, some days i really find myself drifting - sometimes if i get up a little late i think to myself "well forget work for today and just pick up again tomorrow" - a dangerous state of mind as these days start to become more and more common.

    I am not a rich person, i need the money i work for. Is the work the best thing in the world? No. Is it better to do what i do than the job i was doing? Yes. Sometimes i go back to my workplace and they dont believe i can make double their wage sitting on my ass doing work whilst i have my feet on my bed.

    Sometimes during the days also when im doing good with work and making good progress i will get destracted with msn or people asking me to go play some counterstrike or whatever and the thought of that seems to take me into a quick game which turns into a long game and before you know the working day is gone.

    The work i need to do involves around eight hours of "work" per day, five days a week. The hours are reflective of a real job, i work from home at my computer. Its not even hard to do what i do, its easy and people would not believe me if i told them i get paid to do it, for some it would be the dream job.

    So, what the fuck is wrong with me? Why dont i make sure my work is done before i go of playing games day after day? Is there some tips or routines i should go through to make sure i stay productive and keep the money rolling in like a real job?

    What am i doing wrong?
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    When you stop working towards making money, it's because you have decided that something else is more important than making that money. You need to re-establish the importance of that money stream.

    Imagine having to crawl back to your old boss. Or having to get a new boss that's even worse. Some say the carrot motivates, but I have always gone with the stick.
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    I did the same thing when I was in my 20's. Worked just enough just to get by. Then I grew up, I could see that it's really not cool being broke and lazy.

    Now I run my own company doing managed IT services. You just have to really kick yourself in the ass.