What am I doing wrong? Backlinks not showing? SB and manual.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sksugo, Nov 18, 2010.

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    In the last 8 weeks i've created approximately 50 manuel/manual (htw do I spell that...anyways) backlinks and i've blasted about 10k blogs via Scrapebox for a total of 800 or so "Success" blog comments/posts/whatever.

    When I went to check my websites backlinks today, it showed I only had like 10 backlinks. WTF??

    I've started IM about 5 months ago and took 2 months off after I spent the first month working extremely hard getting UNIQUE content to my blog and backlinking without making a PENNY in adsense.. Then about 2 months ago I decided to give it another shot but i'm still getting no luck. I've made approx $10 in the last 2 months with adsense and that is my ONLY form of monetization I currently understand and have had the guts to try.

    Most of my backlinks point directly to my money site (non-money site in my situation) and I have done FEW (8 or so) article directory submissions for backlinks there.. Which also generate little traffic.

    I feel like the $$ I made with adsense was extremely lucky as well, because out of the 3 niches I started with, only 1 is bringing in clicks (approx 2-3 week) and that blog gets about 5 visitors a day. How on earth that blog is generating a click I do not understand while my other blogs have btwn 20-40 visitors a day (according to hostgator stats) and they have generated a total of 0 clicks in 4 months.

    Any advice??

    PS searching my blogs keywords on adwords/tool gives me from 500-1k monthly searches in exact term. I wanted to be successful in easy niche before I tried moving up the IM ladder. I used market samurai before for keywords but I recently got a new computer and I cannot get market samurai to install properly for some reason.

    I just turned 1 of my blogs into an autoblog to see what effect that would have on the website regarding traffic, I took adsense off for now because Im afraid of google ban :(

    My other 2 niches rank approx 8million and 10million on alexa ranking. My new autoblog is about 2.5mill in alexa ranking (80ish visitors per day according to hostgator stats), I put bidvertiser on the autoblog just to test it out and it generated 0 clicks in 3 weeks of autoblogging. With over 1k impressions. Im beginning to think my visitors are 99% bots or something.

    Sorry for the long essay, someone should spin this post and submit it to ezine under n00b category.

    I've spent about 300 bucks so far in IM (hosting/domains/scrapebox/few services) with no rewards other then that 10 dollar bill that awaits me from adsense.. but i'd rather spend the money on working on something I enjoy doing than on partying or anything like that. I am not planning on giving up this early.
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