what actually happened to YouTube ??!

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    Hello BHW!
    Long story short , I started to get into IM in maybe June 2k14 because my family really had conditions in which I had to do something (I m 14) , so I figured out that PPI is a good method for beginners , so for the next 2 months , I started to learn about it and uploaded YouTube vids and in total made about $80 , then , I really don't know what happened to it , I mean , before I used to upload some vids , boost then with some views , likes etc and they'd be at top 5 in 2-4 days , now , things are getting worse , I see vids uploaded an hour ago with no likes at the #1 position , I almost invested all my time and $80 that I earned in YouTube + PPI but I dunno how these uploaders get their vids on top in no time , I can't sleep nowadays (posting this at 3:26 am IST), cause I am always worried about my financial condition , just need some help , what actually these people do to get their vids to top?
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    June 200014, you from the future Sam?

    ont: Try build a few backlinks to the video :)
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    bandicam 2014-11-23 15-41-41-383.jpg

    Those are my earnings for today, Youtube is still working great, you just have to adjust and evolve with youtube's algorithm changes. My traffic is 100% from youtube, and I can rank an average video to page 1 with in 1 to 3 days. I don't buy views or likes or any thing, I bought 300 channels and I made a bot that likes/comments/subscribes/favorites/shares my videos from those 300 channels. It took 2 months until I finally finished the bot but now its working great and I'm scaling up. Evolve with the changes, in IM walls will always come up, you can either take a different path(find a different source of traffic) or break through those walls(learn to adjust to the changes). On a smaller scale I'm sure you can figure out a way to rank your stuff manually. All you need is subs/likes/comments, shares and favorites help too.

    hope this helps, G^
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    These people might be using the unlisted method, if u dont knw about it search it you will see how its done
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    The views you use to boost them, are they bought views or earned views (from enhanceviews, addmefast etc)? in my experience earned views are a good way to get your videos removed or poorly ranked. (but if you ask 20 youtube advertizers you will get 20 different replies, so never take any advise as absolute facts. not mine either)
    and bought views is a bit of a gamble. cheap views most of the time gets you banned. the expensive views that ruoall offers seem to work just fine, but cheap views are dangerous views...
    addmefast.com is a great way to get TONS of subscribers, shares (facebook, twitter + tons of others), likes, favs etc. (but i would avoid their views), all for free (but it requires that you in turn subscribes, like etc etc other people's videos) if you havent checked out that site i recommend that you do. and also make many youtube accounts, then view your own videos, then comment, sub and like and all that too.

    youtube is ever changing... the truth of today could be the lie of tomorrow, so to speak. it's ever changing. experiment, take notes, and hang in there! the tough times can go on for a long time, but when you catch a break it can be really mindblowing. there are still thousands of thing you can do to make a killer living off youtube, you just got to find it.


    what ever you do, make sure you are behind a different IP when you view and comment your own videos! use proxies/VPN, and always open a new incognito window in your browser so your old cookies are not giving you away.
    (i.e. dont just log out, change ip, then log in... close the browser, change ip, open a new incognito/inprivate browser then log in the next account)

    *edit again*
    the people uploading videos that get ranked on the first page instantly are, like the BoomaX said, most likely using the unlisted method... the method is very much so hit and miss... for me it has been miss 90% of the times. sure, i could get the videos on first place fast, but my accounts got banned in a few hours most of the time
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