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    please don't hate me for posting another of those threads however i have learnt a lot from BHW in a couple of weeks but i don't look at my self as an expert, im more of a newb but anyways.

    i have my sites running and also got some ad-sense ads, niche related affiliate CPA products and good enough content (all sites are WP blogs)

    i look at several "how to make $ in a day" but realistically i do not think most will work nowadays but im not to sure.

    i want to make at least $50 a day (that's my target for now) and i do not think it's a high goal to achieve but i am lacking something from my blogsite.

    how do you guys manage to make money from affiliate's or adsense? i am getting an average 100 views a day on 2 of my main niche blogs together but i want some sort of way to generate quick cash from these viewers. please forgive me for asking such questions but i am lost and i need of help! its like i have 3 functioning sites with no profit coming in. I want to use content locker as i know that posting a video in youtube related to this niche and then locking the content, people will want to unlock this for the product however i really do not get how CLocker work, like how it generates money for you etc.

    (i have three domains i use and there all .coms and have created each WP blog. for some reason BHW wont let me post my original post so had to edit most )
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