Weirdest Google Dance Ever!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Sophie, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    OK, to be honest I've experienced quite a number of Google dances in my websites. Mainly due to a large number of backlinks... but of course, they return to their SERPs later.

    But I have one particular website that is odd...
    It was in the first SERP - first position a few months ago. Suddenly it disappeared and I realize it went to 400+ position (I was building a steady number of backlinks then).
    I waited for nearly 1-2 months then it returned to the first SERP - but in the 4-5th position. Still, I was getting targeted traffic and had several sales within the first day on its return.

    But unfortunately a few days later, it disappeared and went back to its 400+ position. This time I was pissed so I edited my site a little. A few days later it went back to the first SERP.
    THEN after a few days later, it AGAIN fall back to the 400+ position.
    I edit the site once again and it went back to the first SERP. And fucked-uply, it went fall back after a few days.

    Anyone experience this or have a solution to this crap?
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    Editing it will make it drop out for 2-14 days. You don't have any dynamic content generation on the ranking pages do you. Like meta descriptions or titles that change automatically?