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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Malofie, Dec 30, 2011.

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    I've been getting some really weird search results for the last couple of weeks, and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing?

    I use two browsers, Chrome and Firefox. Chrome I use for regular surfing, all my usernames and passwords are saved so I don't have to keep entering in the info when I log into FB, BHW, Google Plus. With Firefox, nothing is saved, so whenever I search, it's always set to the default "Google Instant". I usually go under a proxy when I use Firefox.

    Last week, I was genuinely searching for a new mountain bike (in Chrome), where all the results on the first page were sh*t. I tried different search terms, and even tried changing the setting on the left side to only search nearby. Not only was I getting bad results, but I was also getting a couple of sites from the UK, and i'm in Australia. It was then I realised the only relevant sites, or decent ones at least, were the Google advertisements, at the top and right of the results.

    Then just today, I came across a thread on WF.

    In one of the images for this software, they claim to rank for the term Blackhat SEO, out of 2,050,000 results. So i'm like nah, no way. So I search that same term in Chrome, and this was the weird thing, under the search bar, the results returned were out of 330,000 results. WTF!! Then I noticed a post by Matt Cutts appeared on the bottom (because I follow him on Google Plus).

    So I jumped onto Firefox and typed the same search. With Google Instant on, it says out of 660,000 results. With Google Instant off, it's out of 1,850,000 results. But the guys who claim to rank for that term were no where to be seen.

    This really raises a lot of questions for me in terms of SEO. After further searching in chrome, if someone from my circles has plused a similar site related to my search, that appears in the bottom of the page. So if non-internet marketers don't clean their computers regularly, what's the chance their results are also being engineered for them personally, where sites their friends have liked/tweeted/or plused are also taken into account. But if they're using Google Plus, it wouldn't matter if they wiped cookies, because as soon as the log back into Plus, it starts all over again.

    And then getting fewer results when instant is on. When using Market Samurai, just how accurate are the results they're giving for rankings? I mean these guys on WF think they're ranking for the term Blackhat SEO, but not even.