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    For the past 4 months I am runnning an authority site. The link building is 100 % natural. The site has been reddit frontpage, numerous PR 5-6-7 sites (english and foreign) have linked to several of my posts (e.g, people tweet my posts every day etc. No link building from my side at all, except a few links from hubpages and squidoo made when I began my site.

    I make on average 2 posts per day, a snippet is indexed in google 30 seconds later and the whole page is cached by the next day. Now back to my problem. Two days ago I made 3 posts, none of them has been cached, not even the snippet. It's like they dont exist for some reason. I made no posts yesterday and today I posted something and the snippet was indexed right away as it normally happens. All my posts are unique, no duplicated shit..

    Anyone had any similar problems? Perhaps its a bug ?

    Extra Info:
    For hosting I am using with custom domain name.
    I have not edited my robots.txt (default settings)
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    Might be a bug.