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    Hi guys,

    To give you a little background on how I come up with this method it's basically a result of trying traditional dieting and failing many times over, long hours infront of the computer and hypothyroidism didn't help me either, for me the following is a result of losing weight for the first time in years.

    I am 31 years old and was always a skinny kid but did hours and hours of cardio, I always into sports when I was younger, football, skateboarding, cricket, basketball, I did them for long hours and enjoyed whatever food I wanted.

    After the age of about 23 I started to notice major weight gain as a result of long hours infront of the keyboard and giving up almost all exercise, I took up weight lifting and this helped me to get in shape but I was still very overweight, I looked into various diets and bodybuilding sites and videos and noticed that most pros just did cardio and "eat clean" to cut down on bodyfat (this was before I knew about the effects of various cutting agents).

    I had the most luck with the Atkins diet and noticed a huge boost in concentration levels as well as a reduction in water retention and overall feeling of well being, however I just found it to be unsustainable in the long run and the cravings for sugar and carbs overcame me many times - I would gain most of the weight back after my binges.

    As most of you know IM is not exactly a helper when it comes to health, long hours infront of the screen and lack of exercise can often lead to eating junk, however I did have one resource within my grasp and that was a knowledge of Google and how to find the best resources to fix my issue.

    As a result I stumbled upon IIFYM which for those who haven't heard of it is basically flexable dieting, you can eat whatever you want aslong as it fits into your daily target macros, you record food via an easy to use app and gradually manipulate these ratios to bulk, maintain or cut down body fat - however for me personally this was all abit time intensive but it left me with the idea that it was possible to eat junk and still drop weight.

    I looked at documentaries such as "I want to look like that guy" and continued to watch bodybuilding videos with the likes of Jay Cutler and others who appeared to be in know about fat loss.

    After hitting a patch of a depression I started to medicate which made me feel better but as a result I gained almost 2 stone which is nearly 30lbs in weight in a very short amount of time, after this happened I finally decided enough was enough.

    For me personally I believe that body composition falls into weight lifting, cardio and dieting, for me dieting has to be number 1 because I can lift heavy and do my cardio but I never drop weight as a result of these, only when I put diet as number 1 did I actually achieve results.

    So for me I stuck to a very simple system:

    1. 16 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning.
    2. Flexable dieting which allowed me to eat anything but in smaller portion sizes.
    3. Working on body parts which makes my waist look leaner.
    4. Drinking more water to get water retention under control.

    So first the cardio, I had done plenty of cardio in the past but I didn't really get me lean unless I did hours and hours each day, my diet was a total bust and spending hours on a treadmill is not really the best use of your time when you could be making $$$.

    So I switched to doing a quick fasted session in the morning time, no longer than 16 minutes of intense cardio, crank it up high but due to low blood sugar be careful if you start feeling dizzy, for me personally I lost fat using this method and it saved me so much time.

    Next the diet, it's pretty simple, I weigh myself every monday and record my weight on a very simple excel spreadsheet, if my weight goes up I know it's time to bring my calories down the next week which for me is just a matter of reducing my portion size, I first came across this concept when I watched bodybuilding vidoes who all touted "eating clean" - it just so happened that most clean foods are also low calorie foods and I also noticed most bodybuilders at the elite level simply eyeballed the portion size instead of weighing things or tracking on an app - simple and effective.

    Last but not least is the weight lifting aspect, for me it's easy to get the gains but difficult to keep fat under control so I put this last on my list, if you have a different body you will need to rework the order of things in this system, for weight lifting I do 5x5 strength training which a focus on building out the areas which make my waist look leaner so I started to do less squats and put a focus on side delt raises which really build out the shoulders and add width to your overall shape, this makes your waist look leaner.

    I also discovered an old school exercise called to the neck press also known as a Guillotine press, this really adds width to the chest and gives that crazy V shape, it's pretty dangerous to mess this exercise up so use a spotter/go light/use smith machine etc.

    The last exercise to add width would be the barbell row, this adds mass to the back and is essential for making the waist look smaller by making your back look much wider.

    The last component is the water, you need to flush some water out of your body to look leaner, this is especially the case if you have a fair amount of salty foods or carbs in the diet, for me it's just been a simple case of buying bottled water and drinking it down each day before I move onto a nice cold can of coca cola.

    As a result of the above modifications I'm spending much less time in the gym, I'm down around 30lbs and continue to drop around a 1lb a week very easily, I still eat some junk, I am drinking more water so my skin is much better and I am very clear headed and my clothes are fitting much better due to doing only the essential lifts.

    TLDR Version:

    1. Do fasted cardio for 16 minutes a day - 5 days a week.

    2. Eat whatever you like but in smaller portions - Track your weight once a week using excel - skim back portion size if you stay the same or gain weight.

    3. Use the cheat sheet exercises to build width in the least amount of time - Dumbell Side Raises, Guillotine Press (be careful!) and Bent Over Barbell Rows - use 5x5 method.

    4. Buy bottled water - drink it and make sure it's finished before you allow yourself other drinks.
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    I have very similar problems. Sorry if I miss that part: how much weight did you lose so far?
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    Down 30lbs, took me around 6 months but I have slow metabolism, to give you an idea this will be the first time I approach a new year having lost weight in almost 5 years.......this is the only system that appears to work in the long term for me personally.