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    Small business owner and have been using WebPosition 4.0 Professional to submit my website pages. There are approximately 125 pages. I only use the Submitter in this program.

    WebPosition Submitter will spyder your website and get a listing of your different webpages (approximately 125) and then you can submit each of them to Google/Yahoo with the press of a buttom.

    This program worked great and my website was listed #1 for many of the products we sell (we are a small sales company).

    When I now check the submitter results, I find that it is not submitting to either Google or Yahoo. Emailed WebPosition and was told the following:

    WebPosition was designed for Windows XP (and earlier versions of Windows). We have not heard of users being able to use it successfully on Windows 7 machines, unless running Windows 7 in ?XP Mode? (which is an option available with the professional versions of Windows 7).

    Since I am running home edition, I am guessing this will not work and since there is no longer any support, I am hesitant to upgrade to Win 7 Professional.

    Does anyone know of a program that will "grab" my webpages and will automatically submit them like WebPosition did in the past?

    Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter and if I have posted this in the wrong section, please move. Again, thank you.
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    Good question, and one that would have been relevant say..in 1998. Honestly, with a portfolio of well over 600 sites now, I'd never bother with using a search engine submitter per se. All of my other backlinking methods get my sites indexed or ranked. You'd be better off, in my opinion, of getting something like Ultimate Demon, which has a module to spider your site pages, and then bookmark them off to 1000's of sites. That way, your site gets out there and has a better chance of being found and ranked.