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    Good evening everyone,

    I'm looking for a little advice on a project i would like to undertake. I have about 3 - 4 sites coming my way to take over. Very poorly created sites in the Atlanta GA area but they have some very good traffic. 1 is a radio station in the area. Now some things are pretty basic and duh, no brainier. Lets use one client for example.

    He spends around 600 - 700 on marketing things for his company. (around 60K hits every month by the way) First plan is to look at what he is really spending money on and finding cheaper avenues of facilitating these marketing efforts or e en replace with better ones. (some of these are supplies, cards, etc). Next is to completely redo the crappy website!

    Now here is where I would like a little input. He doesn't mind if i use his site to advertise as long as it's tasteful and in conjunction to his industry. What i would like to do is build the site up from scratch, SEO, keywords,shorter URL, strategic advertisement placement.

    I wanted to ask would this be a morally wrong thing to profit from the client and the site. Also, I would like to make money from the hosting. What affiliate or white label hosting would you recommend? How would you hide or place advertisement. He has tons of outside links to artists... Could i use popup advertisement?

    Trying to get a good plan going for future clients. I will also be incorporating Online Reputation management with this once i get a few clients under my belt and then outsourcing certain duties. Also, any elements of the site you would recommend to help move it up and monetize it. Also, i will be creating a tweeter, Fb, instagram, anything and everything to help direct traffic to them or anything related to them.

    Thank you in advance and i know i may get some blasting along the way.. I am really new to this online world of using all the resources i can.

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