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    I'm not sure if this post is in the correct area...
    and almost every place where I tried to create a message
    --- I was told I needed to upgrade ? or a Jr Membership ?

    Here's the issue:

    I know it's difficult to give advice without seeing the actual website / url.

    But please try.

    I spent a month build a system on an affiliate API.
    The API allows me to grab all pertinent info... prices, images, descriptions, etc.

    I launched my website in November 2013.

    Every month since then... so Nov 2013, Dec 2013, Jan 2014, Feb 2014
    --- so total of 4 months...

    My earnings have topped $600.00 a mth on Total sales of over $18,000.

    Then all the sudden, this month (March 2014)... my traffic slowed to a crawl.
    I am still listed in the search engines - but I cannot find my site in the top 10 pages.

    4 days ago... I was on page 1. Every day... for 4 months.

    Before, I was doing about 25 to 30 sales per day.
    I'm doing about 0 to 4 sales per day now.

    Can someone please me what the hell I did wrong...
    as well as what's happening ?

    Much appreciated.
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    google probably detected or reviewed your site and determined its value is not worth its position in search.
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    too difficult to give you tips without knowing more about the site but i will give my two cents :

    - check webmaster tools for any manual messages or site wide spam etc
    -check webmaster tools for any crawler errors, site access issues etc
    - check your analytics for obvious spam referrers etc
    - check you backlinks for any bad neighbourhood links

    You get the idea..dont panic..start from ground up to see if you can find anything