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    As discussed many times on this forum, I still decided to go for a new topic, because I wanted to wrap my head around it and make sure, I didn't miss anything.

    For someone, who doesn't know, what a WTB is:
    1. Jingling

    Wanted to upload an image, but:
    Now, I've heard so much about software called Jingling, it's programmed by some Chinese guy, obviously, the entire software has controls and the whole interface in Chinese symbols, but people talk a lot about it.

    The screenshot shows, how the client-side interface looks like. But thing is, I've not been able to find a working release and the only reference I've been able to find was that the software isn't available anymore or more accurately that it has merged with another software and created a new service.

    2. OPK

    I've heard about this tool very little. Someone mentioned in some thread, blog or forum, can't remember where. Basically, the reference I got from it was that someone was comparing OPK to Jingling and said, OPK was much better, that's the only info I got on this one.

    3. General's Lee Traffic Software

    I've also only managed to get very little info on this one. I've heard from someone that it was a predecessor to OPK, then OPK and Jingling merged or that someone has shared this software on this forum, but download links don't work anymore. Also heard that this one had even some advanced settings and so on, but that's really all I could gather.

    4. GOTOP

    Wanted to upload an image, but:
    Wanted to post a link, but:
    This one was the end result of my research. Apparently, according to some people, it went like this: General's Lee Traffic Software was the first one to get released, then the creator improved it and released again as OPK, then OPK and Jingling merged and created a new software, which is integrated with a website as well, this should be it, it has a different user interface and is integrated with GOTOP website as in, you have to create an account on that website first, then you can log in the software. I'm not saying, the evolution of the software was like this, only quoting other people on that, so I hope, someone will be able to correct me.

    Anyway, I'm currently using the GOTOP tool, which is by many called the Jingling, but I don't think, it's the same thing, maybe it's connected or was connected somehow, the principle seems to be pretty the same thing, at least from what I've heard about it or seen so far, but the interface looks completely differently. Anyway, I was hoping that someone, who has experience using this software in any shape or form could shed some light into this and help me figure this out and give me and other forum users some advice on which version is the best and what settings is best, etc. Thing is, I can understand the basic principles, but the program behaves kinda erratic. It spontaneously stops, at some point, it counts the points (you somehow earn daily points for letting it on) and then it suddenly stops counting the points, I just can't seem to be able to make any sense of it, however, it works, it brings some traffic to the site, but I want to understand the whole thing and another thing is, the FAQ to this and the whole website is kinda written in an idiotic English, it's like it was written in Chinese and then someone just threw the entire thing into Google translator, anyway..

    I hope, someone can come forward and clear thing up regarding this / these services. Many thanks, any tips and advice appreciated.
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    I was born a poor black child
    Interested myself!
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    your mind :P
    You forgot about Hitleap traffic exchange :)
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    IT Man
    there are also some autosurf sites now like otohits