Website title gone when I serach on Google?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Stellow, Oct 5, 2013.

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    It has been 3 days that the title on my website isn't shown on google. What I mean is that when you search for my domain on google the first result is my website but the title isn't correct? It just shows likes this:

    Website name
    Website description

    Other websites below.

    I haven't been editing the title for 2 months and the 3 last days the title as been messed up on google search result. All my keywords that I am trying to rank have been affected and are now on 100+ while they used to be on the first page.

    What happend with my website?
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    Hmmm.... its kinda hard to say without seeing your actual website. There's a couple things to keep in mind here however.

    The first is that Google shows whatever title and description it feels is most relevant for your site in the SERPs. This means that even if you fill in the meta title and description a certain way, it doesn't mean Google will show it exactly as you have put it. It could end up just grabbing an excerpt from your text somewhere on the page according to what the searcher queries in Google.

    The next is more basic, and its that you haven't filled in the meta description properly somewhere. You could have plugins that are conflicting, or plugins and frameworks that are conflicting, and somewhere you have forgotten to fill in the right meta data somewhere. For instance, Thesis 2.0 has its own SEO meta data fields and if you have an SEO plugin installed on your site there will be a conflict on which meta description will display (can't remember which one in this specific case). Also Thesis 2.0 has a special home page SEO meta data field that is easy to miss.

    So have a look at both those things to see if somewhere you've missed something. I've never had this exact problem with any of my websites but this is where I would start if I noticed this happening. I have a feeling its the second one (e.g. improperly filled in meta data somewhere) but I could be mistaken.
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    Difficult to say without having a look, though if you are using Wordpress I know what the problem can be.
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    Do you over optimized your anchor keywords on your backlinks campaign..?
    It's might be happen on that case.