Website + Social networks to $100/Day

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    • [*=center]Website + Social networks to $100/Day

    Hi guys,

    This journey will talk about getting money with social networks and website about my niche using shoutout & CPA.

    The niche :

    The niche is about exclusive facts/quotes with an exclusive format. I made a private WYSIWYG (editor) using PHP/JS, so I just have to crop/resize a background picture, add the quote and I got a beautiful image. I could have done my pictures with Photoshop but let just say I had time.

    What social network :

    I'm using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest with BOT to grow my pages. I tried tumblr but the return is very low. I will try with other settings maybe.

    What bot :

    I'm using followliker for all the social networks, I will share my setting with you guys.

    The website :

    The website is very easy page with all my pictures and share buttons.
    The website will have a main role in this project because is going to have traffic from pinterest and twitter (Mostly mobile).

    Money :

    Everything is not sure yet but for now :
    - Instagram shoutout.
    - Website Ads.
    - CPA from website/social networks.

    Follow my project I will post everything.
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