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    Aug 27, 2012
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    Hello guys!

    Ask yourself something.. Have you ever witness page defacement? Do you think this is not something that ppl do? Think again go to web directory on h[t][t]p:// and check if your website is already listed there.. You are making currently with websites $$$/month and you don't want to lose that because of one 14 years old kidd that has too much time?

    I'm not going to do that funky post like ppl do when they sell SEO services, I'm just going straight to business.

    Ok here is my offer on the table just to see if there is any interest here.. I'm doing security assessments as my day job at goverments,banks,retail,.. companies from layer 2 to layer 7 if we take OSI standards. I've been doing this for past 5 years now.. I'm also programmer, advisor,..

    My offer is that I can do application webtesting for 2 web sites /per week. You will get professional reporting and suggestion how to secure your website.

    One assessment for website is 100$, for which I need 1 week to check,test,scan it..

    I'm giving one free review copy to first admin that posts in this thread.