Website registration success rate..(not conversion)

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    I'm looking for peoples data on Registration Failure rate. Not converting registrations into profit, but the % of people who start the registration process of a site and fail. Here's why.

    I work for a website that requires you to register in 2 places.

    Stage 1 requires a form to sign up to the product, then clicking a link on a validation email.

    Stage 2 requires another form to sign up to the 'community' and then 'link' accounts. This is how you enroll into our rewards system. Another validation email is sent.

    You then have 2 sets of login details.

    Obviously with such a complicated registration system there's going to be lots of failed sign ups. I collected the data and the amount of failures is huge in my eyes, but I admit I've nothing to compare this too.

    Can anyone share some data with me?
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