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    I run a site crownsuspension and was wondering how to add a field to my product page. I am unsure what that code is but this code will pull shipping weight from the product info but I need a new line to say estimated shipping and full the data from the product info estimated shipping price that i filled in on the product using their cart.

    I think this might be easier.

    we can add a new line below weight and have the new line say estimated shipping $XX.XX(2 times the weight)

    I have trying playing with this code but i am not sure what language it is.

    here is what i am looking at and this is the page its on got to crowmsuspension and navigate to any product. sorry cant posts urls

    {if $ShippingShowWeight == "YES"}
    <div class="product-weight gap-bottom {class file=$smarty.template editable=true}">
    {if $product.free_shipping == "Yes"}
    {$msg.product.weight}: {$msg.product.free_shipping}
    {elseif $product.weight> 0}
    {$msg.product.weight}: <span id="product_weight">{$product.weight|weight}</span>

    any help would be great i alwas do research and not scared of work but i don't know what the language is so very little i can do right now.