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    Okay, so I found my niche and keyword. Let's say its Green Tea. I planned on using Thesis as the basis for my site but I came to the quick realization that I cannot seem to create a landing page for my main keyword. Like if you were to go to GreenTeaDOTCOM using Thesis, you would find its more of a blog, just updating the site with the newest articles related to the main niche keyword.

    So here's my question...

    When I create a site based on my niche, do I need the main page to have an article based on that specific niche? If so, how do you guys add the article onto Thesis's main page, because once you add a new article it becomes archived with the other posts.

    Or am I doing this all wrong. Do I not need a main article based on my keyword and instead sprinkle the keyword throughout all my articles based around my niche?

    Oh, I'm also using adsense for my niche.

    Could really use your insight on this, Kinda at a standstill. Thanks!
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    As far as I am still a noob in this as well. I'd write articles based on the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for. So your main website (the domain itself) will be mainly ranking for the keyword in the URL & title, but the articles are the source for google, these are very important for ranking + if you rank for the titles of your articles you get ranked & traffic for the long tailed keywords
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    There are many methods to make nearly every wordpress theme look like a website.

    With Thesis, simply just stick the article you are using as your main keyword to the frontpage (go under "edit post", right in the box).