Website Moving and Backups... Is there a market?

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    Over time I have noticed that there are a good bit of people still needing the service of having their website transferred or backups made.

    The process is actually really easy if you know what you are doing and practice on your own sites but my guess is people don't want to risk corrupting their sites by moving or backing them up.

    The question remains is there still a market for website transfer and backups with all of these big players in the market...

    I haven't done much research but saw that a big company charges a little over $1k a year for backups of files and databases but who would pay that much for a copy daily for a year unless they had a site making a couple thousand dollars a month? Also have seen sites charging a monthly fee per site up to a certain GB and last but not lease charging a straight rate per GB.

    At this point I am waiting on some feedback from BHW but really thinking about starting up into this niche so I can have recurring revenue by the month. Also do you think that if I started out in this niche would $25 a month for site backup along with database be too high of a price to charge? Of course it will depend on how many GB there site is and say somewhere in the range of $12-20 for a website transfer.
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    I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people who hate doing this themselves but don't hosting companies provide free website transfers when you move your website to their servers?