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    The project

    It is a amazon affiliate website promoting certain products

    Project status

    Website has already been made 7 months ago. The keyword research, website, and some SEO has already been established. Site is currently ranking on page two for a few keywords. Website is getting not much traffic currently or making any money yet, but it is starting to get a bunch of impressions and a few hits.

    What you will be doing

    I need someone to create Tier 1 2.0's only. I have done many myself and will continue to do some but I need help while I do other stuff as well. This will take about an hour a day with a bunch of writing and account creation. The writing can be random as well and does not need to be perfect. As long as its readable and without spelling errors.

    Who Am I looking for?

    someone to contribute an hour a day to this project and preferably someone that is new to SEO and I will teach you how to do it. It does require a bit of writing, although it does not need to be perfect. Someone that can listen well and do as I say so we can earn some money together.

    Website capability

    No one can answer this question until we get there. Not sure how much we can make from this month, but we can make a good amount and I have future plans to expand this project into other areas of the niche to make more profit from the site.

    What I will be doing

    I will be dealing with everything else which includes the website and SEO such as tier 2 links as well as tier 1 links.


    Just to help me with this simple task I will give you 40% of what the project earns monthly. If we do decide to sell this project later on I will give you 40% of what we make as well. Keep in mind that I am doing a lot of the work and some risk. If you do a good job and I see that you are bringing on more on the table I will give you 50%.

    PM me or reply here. Do not add me on skype.
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