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    I got major problems with my non-WP site... I've tried a number of things to fix the problem, but none has works... Hopefully someone can fix this for me fast... here's what's going on:

    I have a couple products on clickbank, but all of a sudden google replaced my home page url with the hop extension in its search results.. let me explain:

    I used to be on the first page on a lot of keyword phrases but now I'm on page 3...

    When I type in a keyword into google instead of my site showing up on the search results as ( it is showing up as ( I checked google webmaster tool and half of the google juice is going to ( and half is going to (

    To make matters worse google is showing 2-3 home pages for my site which is not good for SEO..

    I want all the google juice to go to my ( and not (

    I guess I want someone that is knowledgeable to fix this for me. I tried going into the .httaccess file to redirect everything but it didn't work.. I contact hostgator but they weren't very helpful... if someone wants to take on this project, please PM ME..

    I'm not sure why this happened since I've submitted a sitemap via webmaster tool and the hop extension is not one of my pages...

    Please PM ME