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    So I am fairly new at this stuff but I am willing to learn and have been reading a lot through here in the past few weeks. I am not the best with making websites or too tech savy overall but will try to do it.

    My idea:

    1) make a website - sports/fitness related
    2) have a forum on the website where people can talk/relate/seek advice/ motivate each other
    3) create some type of apparel
    4) make a youtube page and create motivational videos

    I know it is a lot of different ways but I feel like in time it will be worth it! Once the website is up and running with articles and can generate steady traffic , then I hope the forum will kick off as well!

    Youtube page will be helping that as I believe that motivational videos are really watched at the moment and shared through social media , which will bring traffic and hopefully make some type of profit from the apparel as well.

    I hope within the next 3 months I will be making some type of a profit( i say 3 months because I am new to all this so it will take time to learn)

    Also I am making the website through Wordpress, can anybody give me some advice on how to intergrate a forum as easily as possible I would like it to have a look like this one, just straight forward community forum or site, i just want a normal looking theme for the forum, I have seen some very different types.

    As well if anybody has any advice or thoughts even negativity , feel free to comment, I will try to update more when I start, as of now I will research for few more days and then go from there!!!