Website Content Writer - $30 per 1000 words


Jun 6, 2020
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Hi guys,

We need top quality and we are looking to develop a long-term relationship with content writers for our website.

We are looking for a freelancer or content writing service that has knowledge in the proxy/privacy area for content on our website HydraProxy.

We will need several articles (length vary) for our knowledge base and blog sections. And we are looking to develop long term partnerships with content writers.

Prices we are willing to pay:
  • $25/1000 words for knowledge base articles (these articles will be general proxy knowledge for which research can be done easily)
  • $30/1000 words (these articles require more in-debt research, but we will give a lot of info from our end so you can structure it with ease and write it comfortably)
Prices are negotiable. If you can provide quality (and you prove it) we are open to price suggestions :)

Requirements from you:
  • You must provide well-written articles
  • NO copy-paste (all content must pass Copyscape or other plagiarism checker tools)
  • Delivery on time - we do not set a fixed delivery time, but if you say that you need 24 hours for one article, you should deliver it in 24 hours. Or, if you need 72 hours, you should let us know prior to your engagement. We don't care how long it takes you to write an article, all that we ask is transparency and sincerity (if you need 72 hours for 1000 words, then let us know).

What we will provide:
  • Article structure - we will provide some guidelines on the structure of your content. (NOTE: this doesn't mean that we will give you the paragraph headings. Sometimes we might provide paragraph headings so you'll have to write only the text of the articles, but you shouldn't expect to always get paragraphs headings from us).

Sometimes, for tutorial articles, we might provide screenshots to you, or we might ask you to do the screenshots on your pc/system and add them inside the content - This is not something set in stone, we just want to be transparent so you should know this beforehand.

Let me reiterate: we need top quality and we are looking to develop a long-term relationship with content writers for our website.

Send me a PM with a link to a document or article written by you that is related to tech/privacy/web hosting/saas/apps. If my team likes your written style and level, we will contact you back.

NOTE 1: If you are selected, the first 3 articles will be ordered one by one from you. Meaning that we will order one, upon delivery, we will pay it. And if we like your writing style, we will continue with another article and another. After 3 written articles for us, we can consider a bulk order.

NOTE 2: We will pay for all articles. Even if you write one article for us (after we select you) and we don't like it, while we might not publish it, you'll still get paid for your work and time.

Thank you guys!