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    May 10, 2013
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    I just received this email from ad network we applied for can someone help:

    The approval team disapproved your account. Unfortunately, the team doesn?t provide us with detailed explanation. The reason is typically due to a fraud, invalid activity or unresolved policy violations.
    Are you aware of any of your sites ever being blacklisted for any of the above reasons?

    Unfortunately, we probably won?t get a lot more information from the approval team. They?re fairly secretive as people have used the information in the past to game the system.

    We have a possible solution.
    We can try again using another account name and using new sites, previous sites can?t be registered with your new account.

    Please let me know what name would you like to use for the new sign up and see if that work.

    I?m sorry for the inconveniences.