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    Ok. I am reposting this so I can clarify a few things and to filter others.

    What my company is looking for is someone who can create or use an autobot that will do automatic fill ins on targeted websites.
    We would like somebody to gather the websites as well. I only have an idea of what websites I want to target and do not have a list of websites. Websites are targeted to Hospitals, Schools, Banks, Fortune 500 companies and IT software solution companies.

    Basically my company purchased retired and decommissioned IT hardware from companies like these. We are trying to reach out to them through their website on who we need to get in touch with. I will manually go in and fill out all of my company information and message and submit for feedback, inquiries etc.

    Some sites only have an email address and not a fill form so I would like to harvest those emails and send to them seperatly.

    I nor anyone in my company is savvy with this kind of tech work however; I think this is a successful route and my bosses agree. We are looking to hire and outsource this.

    If you can do this and/or have ideas for this to work, please PM me with your information. I do not have Skype. I only have AIM. I would prefer to speak with someone in more detail as we are wanting to do this as soon as possible.

    I will need to provide my bosses an overview of what this is going to do and entail.

    Please let me know what you charge for this kind of service and any details. That will help move this faster.

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    Sent you a PM.