WebhostingPad Affiliate Program - Bad Experience.

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Bross, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Hey folks. What happened to me recently with webhostingpad's affiliate program:

    About 3 months ago I contacted their affiliate staff to setup a campaign dedicated to them. Now. Even at start their affiliate staff were unpleasant to deal with and seem very unprofessional, but they are so cheap so I thought.. Conversions are worth it.

    - Their support staff advised me on which coupon code to use and how to setup everything.
    - Time goes by.. They get VERY targeted traffic, many clicks - No conversions.
    - Contacted them and they replied to me that the coupon code my traffic was using is ATTACHED to another affiliate, and he got all the credit. Remember that THEY told me what coupon to use. They didn't even reply when I told them that.

    On top of everything - They don't pay for discounts. Which is another bad story which is a standard in this bad industry.

    Fuck them. And webhosting affiliates - beware of webhostingpad.
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    Yes, I also and many webmasters (if not all) have the same experience.

    At first they convinced me to join through their inhouse affiliate system (not CJ) by paying higher commissions , but I noticed no conversions at all.

    Then I joined their affiliate program through CJ, The reverse nearly all sales (this month reversed all 7 sales). Sometimes before were reverse all and let one sale.

    BTW, these guys also offer hosting through another website greenvillehost.com .

    Check this page: greenvillehost.com.w3spy.net
    and this one hgreenvillehost.com.hostlogr.com

    BEWARE from these guys....