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    I bought a month license of webdominator. Pretty much it doesn't work for me at all.

    Even though I've figured out how to use the basics of it. Doesn't work for what I need it for.

    I need it to do a few things, but I'm assuming if you can get the below task done. You'll get the other simple things that I need.

    Goal: "Gather" all the LinkedIn ID's of everybody that meets my search criteria.
    Search Criteria:
    - Title: "Owner"
    - Connections: 2nd Connections, Group Members"
    - Industry: Restaurant
    - Zip Code radius: 10mi
    - Zip Code: (I have a spreadsheet that contains every zip code in the United States. So that's what my "variable" is.)

    So I guess the objective is to eliminate the need for the spreadsheet. Somehow enter a new zip code and just do another search. Then gather all the new id's.

    I would like to get this for free or trade something, but I understand 'shit in life aint free' lol. So just post your price and how long it would take.



    Other tasks:
    1. Automatically add the connections
    2. Scrape the OpenLink connections based off my search criteria.
    3. Integrate a captcha program