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    We just launched webcam chat offer site of fiverr concept and we need models to join and participate. Concept quite simple:

    1) post your webcam chat service of $5
    2) buyer orders
    3) do the necessary off our site (skype,gtalk,MSN,etc)
    4) get your commission

    Studio managers - take this opportunity to promo your girls/guys.

    PM me for the website URL.
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    let me know if you need help with the auditions mate :p
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    If you're looking for models, I don't think BHW will be the place to look, where the girl to guy ratio must be like what - 1:5 or something?

    If I were you, I'd go round the following to look for models;

    1) Porn websites with forums (often these have a fair few female members who are clearly quite out-going individuals and would be far more likely to be up for this kind of stuff).

    2) Social networks such as MySpace and Facebook (use their search functions to narrow down some specifics, and then contact each good looking girl with a nice personal individual message to ask her if she would be interested).

    Just another thought, if I understand right, you're going to be running a cheap cam website where it's $5 per show?

    I don't really see how this is a viable model, because, even if I assume your cut is as small as $0.50 per sale, that means the model will only get $4.50 per show.

    Large cam websites with a reputation, brand and active customer base, are always looking for new models, and pay anywhere between a 40-60% revenue share of a much higher dollar figure. How the hell do you expect to compete, especially when you're also asking studio managers to jump in which means a third split of the pie?

    Perhaps I'm completely off base, and I've got your entire business model wrong, but from your original post, that's sure as hell what it sounds like.
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