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    Hi all, what do you think about this:

    I was researching into my goal of earning $1000 a day, and here's what I came up with. I found that there are several agencies that have male/women/shemale/whatever models who strip in front of their webcams, earning themselves a fee percentage each time they get a customer into a "private" session. Customers pay from $5 to $10 per minute, and the model gets only 30-40% of that. Now, most models (who earn some 30 hrs a week) earn around $1000 per week. That would mean the agency earns sometimes as much as double per model. If you have 50 models. Well, you do the math.

    The point is to offer your models to as many adult networks as possible (they can do all the networks at the same time), giving them a large client base (over 5 million visitors daily in the top 10 networks), and a chance to earn big bucks. So it is basically a hub of models, which are outsourced to many different sites.

    Of course credit card and phone billing fees have to be included into expenses. As well as fees to network the models are featured at.

    I have a dedicated server lying around doing nothing so I was thinking about using it for this.

    What do you think about the idea? Are there any people who have the technical expertise (in terms of coding and development) who'd like to be involved?