Web2.0 properties can rank without backlinks?


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Jul 5, 2012
Can you rank a website with web2.0 sites even these sites don't have backlinks but have hq content? technically the most web2.0 like blogger, wordpress, weebly, webs, etc have high pagerank but only their hompage, not your subdomain or whatever your link look like... so your subdomain blog will be 0 without backlinks or they have some authority even if they are a subdomain? so... I know if your web2.0 profiles have some backlinks will be more fine but if these don't have any backlink? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
I recently built around 10 web 2.0 properties and only 1 is indexed out of the 10 in a week .

I think properties like youtube and similar ones could rank on their own but the sites like webs , blogger etc maybe be difficult.
my web2,0 properties are fine, only 4-5 unique articles on them(no spun, 300-400+ words), I created 15 days ago about 5-6 sites, blogger, wordpress, webs, weebly, and are all indexed, i create only 1 backlink(hq) to them to google can see these blogs and to get indexed, now are indexed but don't have any backlinks but i'm wondering if they have some power to rank because i already put a backlink into them for my money website.
Yes, Make Web2.0 With Unique Quality Articles They Will Easily Rank Without Any Links..
I'm trying this method right now. Created around 5, 2.0s filled them with highly spun content (2-3articles), and carefully setup a GSA campaign... After I got around 100backlinks for ALL of them together, I then create backlinks to those backlinks (quantity over quality).

WIll get back with the results.
As long as Google can find them, yes you absolutely can rank without backlinks. That goes for self hosted domains too. There's really little reason though not to build at least a few HQ links.
The big example is thehackernews.com , it is using blogspot but you can see the authority of this site is PR 5, Alexa: 8k.

So all its depend on the content and efforts that you put in your work.
High quality content is appreciated by humans, and you WILL get links by humans even if you don't like them.

You can succeed (or have websites that are waiting to succeed) by building quality content and wait till the message gets across to stupid humans. Or speed it up by building few links so that Search Engine notices you and gets you more readers.

No matter how good your content is, unless you are on a previously ranked domain, or have a strong authorship already established, it is difficult to get your message to the masses. If you can interact with others interested in same topic, you are putting your content in front of more potential readers (and that has a cascading effect).
The big example is thehackernews.com , it is using blogspot but you can see the authority of this site is PR 5, Alexa: 8k.

So all its depend on the content and efforts that you put in your work.

This sums it up quote nicely. It really depends on what's on those sites.

If by "HQ content" you mean "{$10|$15|$20+} / article", then you probably won't rank without any backlinks. Because while that content will probably be "interesting", it probably won't be interesting enough to get enough attention for natural rankings.

On the other hand, if you're personally writing about something you're passionate about and it makes sense as a whole then definitely yes!

But then there's 100s of other factors such as competition, on-page SEO, etc...and now that I think about it, you're asking a really generic question so I guess this "generic" answer is what you get.
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