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    whats the best way to track SEO? also i have a client (computer) and wanted to know if I knew how to track SEO so he can know if traffic is coming to his site or not after i do his services. first and foremost do you provide this information to clients? and also because its a "computer" consultant asking ME to provide web services, does this mean that he's trying to get techniques tips and i lose business in the long run? im just trying to weave out my competition and don't want to make it seem like i'm trying to hide information but i need to think smart- business smart.
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    What's your question? Kind of confused. Not sure if this is what you're asking but...

    - You can track your ranking with SerpFox (my personal favorite) or any other rank checker.
    - You can check traffic with Awstats which you can find in your cPanel.

    I think if he's asking you to provide "web services" (I assume you mean SEO perhaps?) then he's probably just out-sourcing to you. It's perfectly fine if you don't offer reports, many people don't.
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    You can track Rankings with any Rank Tracker tool. SEOMoz, LinkAssist, etc. whatever you prefer.

    You can track traffic with Analytics Software. Google Analytics, etc.

    It's a good idea to report on both for your clients so that you can show them the results of your efforts.

    ex: "Mr. Client, we got your website to page one for keyword XYZ. Now looking at your analytics, I see that keyword sent X,XXX visitors to your site this month."

    If you're really sharp, you will set up conversion tracking so you can say, ..."and it looks like XX of those visitors bought from you generating $X,XXX in revenue."

    Then up sell a larger package.
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    I work with local clients, mostly (95% are local). I meet all of them, the phone consultation should be only to setup an appointment, you tell them that it is better you meet them to explain with examples what do you do.

    At the meeting be prepared, bring powerpoints, charts, etc.
    Have nice website with videos
    Rank your website for "Your city SEO Services" (you have to this first) and other combinations like "your city seo companies", etc
    In the meeting show them how you rank. (this has been a sell point 50% of the time).
    Other thing I do, I have a paid copyscape and go live in front of the customer and pick a part of the site and show if it has copied content, then I show a google webmater article about copied content and panda/penguin and wait until the client almost faint. Then I tell him that we will rewrite and produce new content.

    Now, you can sell seo services and offer reports once a month.

    1. Initial report showing the keywords you are targeting.
    2. Report a month from the initial report showing your progress.
    3. Indexation report, assuming you know what you are doing, you should have change the tag, categories, all the metas, add microformat, etc and new content as well, create a robots and a sitemap and resubmit to google and bing. Show the old sitemap and new sitemap. If you added new pages and have new content your pages should be all indexed in short time.
    4. Show a before and after google webmaster tool screenshot of point #3.
    5. Analytics report. same. do a initial report and track all the month. In the second month you can show progress.
    6. create all the 3 basic social media accounts and connect the blog to these so they autopost when you update the content in the blog. If the customer have a static site, create a blog and use it to promote them.
    You can even sell the blog later to them or use it to add adsense on it.
    7. Also you can upsell redoing the site in wordpress.
    8. Ad mobile site to it.

    Just to finalize, i do not pick 5 kw and sell ranking services. I offer a consultation and hands-on service. I provide keyoword research, competition charts, etc.
    I start with the kw that are ranked in second page and push them to first page, next month, grab the kw in second page and push them to first page. My clients have from 40 to 220 kw in first page, google will never ban them because i have so much variety of links :)
    second important point. First things to do is the social media accounts, in special google+ and add the address of the business and the google plus link at the footer of the site.(not in the sidebar).
    Hope it helps :)