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    I am a software engineer who currently develops websites and web based services. I am proficient in php, html, javascript, css and basically any other language. I also develop windows based application but mainly focus on web design and development at the moment. I created flipurr dot com from scratch, which contains not just a front end that you see, but also a full windows based phone verification system and administrative backend. This is one of the many sites I have created, as well as various softwares.

    I am looking for referrals for my services. I am offering 20% referral to anyone that can bring me business.

    Lets say you send me a client that needs a $100 dollar simple job done, you will make $20 off that. If this clients comes back again and provides more work, you will also make 20%. So for the lifetime of that client you will make 20% off all work done.

    I will set up a referral control panel, where you can login and see your earnings, and request cashout via, paypal or wire transfer.

    My prices are fair and my quotes solid. I can create from the ground up or simply fix wordpress issues, whatever it takes, I'm your man.

    Please pm me with any requests.