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    Anyone creating web browser games? There are engines that you can use. What engine is best? Is it hard?
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    Engine - none. Reason being, the engine limits the creativity of the game(from my experience). It's like using AutoIt(I believe that's what it is) or Delphi(I believe it's one of the two) it was coded in C++ and it is limited to the creators abilities with coding. It's best to take it slow, learn the in's and out's of it so you can make the game your dream game, if you want pigs to fly with dollar sign wings and a cows head, and a river made of gold bars with silver bars lining the sidewalks, you can.
    Best to code in - Java - use a Java applet loader
    Hard to code it - depends on your experience.
    Hard to make it popular - yes and no, you could make it viral overnight if you know the right places to look and promote almost anything can be viral overnight.

    To get you started -
    You should get the latest versions of the JRE & JDK
    For some examples of code(not being sarcastic, just makes the link shorter)
    Some examples to get you started
    When your first starting out, do NOT charge anything(so people get interested, build a fan base).
    From there, you could monetize via CPA banners, or have gamer's do something like a rewards based script, for every [x] offer they complete they get [x] credits in-game within 24 hours.

    As for profitability - the game would need to -
    1) Be a "light" game, not too resource heavy
    2) A MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) works best. The first thing that may pop in to your head when you hear MMORPG might be world of warcraft, but, from WoW - to Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty, they are all MMORPG's as you are playing in a Massive Multiplayer Online Game. The "Role Playing" comes in whether you are playing a soldier or an elf, shooting a gun, or casting a fireball out of thin air.
    3) Free version(with ads) and Paid(Membership) version.
    4) If you could link it in with a mobile app for Android, IPhone, and Blackberry phones, as well as computers, and game systems(xbox, ps3, etc.) you will blow it up as long as you can promote it well enough. Surprisingly, it is possible to create "dev games" on XBox 360 via
    . You can do the same thing - charge a membership fee for upgraded weapons, maps, etc. and a free version just to get the word out about it.
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