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    Website will be based on thoroughbred racing in the USA

    Software automatically will pull data files daily from Brisnet.com at 1AM

    Each track that has racing that day will need a page to be created on the fly and published behind a password protected area with the title of the track and date.

    One random (though I need to be able to change it if I want to) will be under a free picks section on the website outside of the password protected area

    Software will run simulations of the race (50k per race) based on my formula using only one line of the data file. It will use the last 5 races of this one data set.

    Each simulation of the race will need to be stored until all 50k simulations have been run and at the end show the number and percentage of races that horse won as well as it's "House Odds" to win

    House odds will need to be created by converting the expected winning percentage to odds

    Same for Place (minus house odds)

    Same For Show (minus house odds)

    It will also show the top 50 exacta bets, trifecta bets, and superfecta bets predicted by the software and the expected percentage those will come in

    Display for the Win, Place, Show page will show Betting Number, Horses name, Morning line Odds, House Odds, Jocky and trainer name

    Display for everything else (exacta, trifecta, etc) will be betting number based ie 1-6-3-9

    Please PM me any questions and quotes.