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    Sep 4, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    I've been reading around here and would like a bit of advice.

    I have scrapebox and some private proxies and just bought 115 one way links for my money site.

    I've read that setting up web 2.0 tools and blasting them with scrapebox is the best way to use scrapebox safely.


    1. Should I use a fake name and email address to build the blogs or does it matter? Could I use one fake gmail for example?

    2. Is 1 unique article on say 10 blogs enough?

    3. I found a pdf which is a really good and long guide relating to my niche. I copied the pdf text and put it on a page on my site making sure to use clear headings for each part and make it look nice. Is this good practice? Can I use parts of the same guide as content on the web 2.0's? Would pdf text be seen as duplicate content?

    4. I read a post about scraping all my competitors links. Should I manually post to this links or auto comment?

    Cheers. Will thank and rep for good feedback.