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    What are your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate University guys?

    Any recommendations for or against it?

    My reasons for primarily thinking of joining are...
    1. Get the required training/knowledge for IM.
    2. I'm not too good with programming so I'm thinking Site Rubix will be a good option for creating niche sites, capture pages, etc.
    3. Unlimited hosting and unlimited domains. I'm already having unlimited package on GD and was planning on signing up with Hostgator for additional blogs/sites, but I'm thinking this is an additional plus for going with WA membership.

    Please do help out with your thoughts/suggestions/recommendations.

    I really do look forward to inputs from you guys.
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    Jan 12, 2010
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    i was a member for a year, and i really did enjoy my membership.
    BUT it's mostly for newbies. the best part in my opinion, is the forum.
    Travis Sago and PotPieGirl are very active on the forum.

    hope that helps...

    i know i'm gonna renew my membership soon.
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    I was actually a WA member some time last year, that was way before I met BHW. WA was actually pretty impressive on my part, giving tons and tons of information on IM. They break it down into an 8 week action plan. They lock each week until you actually have done a weeks worth of work or reading, so at the very least they get two monthly payments out of you just to see the 8th week. In the end they just congratulate you on completing the course and help with any other questions.

    Here are some pros that I found with WA:

    Very easy affiliate program- If you know even the basics of IM, then you need to pinpoint some noobs that want in on the basics and will be held by the hand like a little girl until they see profits. They eat this stuff up. And with $40 recurring every month per sign up, it is a nice chunk of change.

    WA Forum- This was where i spent most of my time at. I was actually talking with the owners of the site as well as PotPieGirl, which is the creator of 1 Week Marketing, and Travis something... the creator of Bum Marketing. These two had so much knowledge and really knew the game.
    As well as all the others that where there to help. This was the bread and butter.

    Thats really about it for the pros...

    Now the cons....

    Article Spinner- Not really that great, didn't really work for me.
    Keyword tool- Gooooogle KWT is just as good.
    Hosting- Ok, wasn't too bad, but was difficult to get set up.
    Pre loaded templates- Was cool to just plug in an affiliate link and bam! a whole professional page done in less than a second with all affiliate links mine. Yeah....would sound great...but remember the other bajillion ppl that also have WA? They have the same template.

    All in all, WA is ok at best. A lot of the great stuff you can get here for free. If you were to sign up, just take advantage of the free trial (if they still have it). Other than that, I wouldn't pay the $80 just to see 8 weeks worth of general knowledge that you would get here.

    But of course, this is just my opinion.
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    This is a job?
    In the light :)
    Hi, with SiteRubix after your membership lapses (I think they allow you two weeks) before you have to shift the lot to another server...from memory think you have to re-do your site.

    I agree with the above comments....won't be joining again because looking for an edge. Don't think WA can offer me anything more than newbie information (during my one month I went through everything I thought I needed including downloading my first and only NicheQ). Also felt marketed to by other affiliates...subtle, but it didn't feel like a good fit for me.

    Xsite Pro is here in our sharing section if you are worried about websites. This should be easy for you AND you can use it for a long time.

    Good luck!
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    Feb 9, 2009
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    I had WA for a year as well. It was really good when I was starting out. To be honest, you can get a lot more from here than you will there.
    Their keyword tool was no different than Google's but here you can also get Market Samurai.
    Need hosting? Host gator is less than $10 a month. I remember seeing some signatures here offering hosting for less.
    PotPieGirl's One Week Marketing is here in the download section. If you want something for a noob then this is a great product and much better than going through their 8 week course.
    Need article spinner's? BHW has them too.

    WA has a really good forum but it's no different than what you will find here or even on the warrior forum, except the monthly payment. Stick with BHW as the stuff here goes above and beyond what you will find there. :D
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new here in this forum.