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May 19, 2009
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We are wanting some honest reviews on our sight. Please keep in mind that the music player on the Bands page is a temporary thing. We were having difficulties getting a play list player on our site, and would love to know if someone knows of one that would work. One that I don't add music from their site, I already have the music. Preferably one that doesn't have a logo. Also, how would I add a blog page to the site. I don't want the entire space to be a blog, but I wouldn't mind having one page being a blog. Or part of a page being one.


Jason and Amanda

Ive never been a fan of black content areas with white text, and have never liked black with light blue. It has always had an amateur feel to me.

The left sidebar is cluttered and un-inviting.

I like the overall idea tho.
Great feedback, but what would you suggest we do about making changes to the site? What color scheme would work better, etc?
There's just not alot going on you might want to hire a web designer or something.
Well, ok, instead of getting a web designer, we wanted suggestions on how to make our site better, not hire someone... Thats why we are asking What Would You Do to our site if it was yours. Thank for your time at looking at our site. Your suggestions and criticisms are welcome, but we dont want to hear that we need to get someone to redo it, we want to know what would make it look better. And we would like to hear from people other than noobs (longer than you have been on here) "no offense, but looking for some designers maybe or people that make landing pages, or just creative individuals. There is always a solution that you dont have to pay for, I would just like to know what it is... And also about the black background.....What colors are this site to you??? LMAO


Jason and Amanda
why are there so few replies ?
you can change the black with some sort of darker blue, a flash thingy where the logo is,...if you can change the template simply then you could look on templates sites and inspire you from there. . .
hope this helps.
thanks...slobox we still like to get some help in getting feedback we know everyone likes music.
I am not a web designer so please don't ask about technical stuff but regarding your design, it's just too black everywhere. If you want to stick to a dark scheme then try making a gradient from black to a medium or dark blue. You could try adding a banner as well, nothing too flashy but something that will draw the eye and break up the page a bit.
Have a look at this template for some ideas http://www.dreamtemplate.com/templates/Music/detail/6051.html - See how the banner breaks things up a bit even though the basic idea is still dark?

You really have to do something about the loooooooooong text on your service description page. It's just one big block of text with nothing to break it up and I guarantee no one is going to try and read through all of that. At the very list stick in some bold subheadings to break it up a bit. The best idea would be to have a bullet point list with your services at the top, with each one being a link to it's description.

You may consider adding a contact form as well as the other info on your page.
That's a great suggestion, and we do like the layout of that page. Could we insert our banner rather than the girl on the couch do you think? And does anyone have a download of that or can you all direct me to one. Thanks
Uhm, I have a subscription with them so I can pretty much download anything I want. Why don't you browse around the templates pick one you prefer and I'll get it for you. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to change the banner...
They have some cool flash ones as well...
The site might work better scrapping the black content area and having the gradient background flow behind the text it will make the site look more fluid,

keep all text the same. at the moment you have white, blue, green and yellow, its best to keep it to a minimum, and even better keep it to one colour different shades. as it promotes continuity within the site.

I personally would centre the text in the banner to the centre of the screen.

move the Google search to the side bar as well as the share button. and align all the ads i.e. the bottom ad in the centre of the page, and the one on the side bar I would make it either match the width of the side bar or add another one so it fill the side bar. (although saying that i'm not a fan of google ads!) but I'm a designer I tend to leave websites with too many adds unless it has something I really need on it.

I do like the suggested template, its much lighter, and it also has good contrast between text and background.
The site was looking nice and great..But the sites was full of Black....If you changed that..Your site will look much more better....
Well that banner with light is giving me headache! Its really painful to eyes.
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