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    Hey guys, this is probably not new to some of you however, I thought I'd share something small in case the newer guys don't know.

    I have been doing the following and seen a slight jump in traffic. This will work best for people with authority sites with useful content, however it may work with mini niche I just have not tried it. We are going to be searching Google for websites that REVIEW websites/businesses.

    1. Google website reviews/site critics. Look for sites that are made for reviewing other sites on the web. some good one's:


    There are hundreds of them, just keep looking.

    2. Sign up to as many of these sites as possible, and add a review of your own site. List what its about, why it helped you and why you recommend it.

    3. Take it a step further by creating more accounts on these sites and adding more positive reviews (a bit like reputation management.)

    That's it I have done this for my site with great content and have seen a jump in traffic, people look at the reviews and want to see what all the fuss is about for themselves.

    A lot of these critic sites have a high amount of traffic visiting their sites, so this will in turn increase your sites exposure.

    It will give you backlinks as well but the primary idea is to generate traffic.

    Maybe it helped you maybe it didn't, I thought I'd add something as BHW has helped me tons.

    Good luck. :cool:
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    Thank you for sharing!
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    well critic site is not good for SERP in my research but good for link building for starting