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Way to get packages without using your name or house address?

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by lightmaria, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. lightmaria

    lightmaria Registered Member

    Jul 20, 2011
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    Is there a way to get packages into the country without using your house address or being affiliated with the package by name. I'm not talk about PO boxes because you can always get linked back to the owner of the PO box. I'm talking about a way to claim a package without it ever being traced to you.

    I can think of one way which is telling your supplier to use a random name (random recipient name) on the package and then have them send it to a mom and pop shop or someone who is willing to accept the package on your behalf. You pay that person a monthly fee for signing packages and claiming them for you and then you go to that persons home or store and pick up the package.

    However, is there a better way than this? Any other services you guys can think of? D: this is all pretty blackhat.
  2. Furious George

    Furious George Supreme Member Premium Member

    Dec 13, 2012
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    Gook luck in prison.
  3. Jonny Quick

    Jonny Quick BANNED BANNED

    Aug 26, 2010
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    In my neighborhood, they intercepted the UPS package, and had a Police Officer wearing the UPS uniform, and driving the UPS truck, make delivery of the package of marijuana. While they were arresting the person that signed for it, the person that arranged for it's delivery ran out the back door, jumped in a car and fled the scene.

    The Police chase ended about a mile away, with the fleeing suspect's car crashed into a concrete curb that must have been higher than the driver thought. So he bailed out and started running through the weeds towards the large drainage ditch, and about half way there, a city patrol car ran him over from behind, literally, and had him pinned underneath the vehicle for several minutes. The cops were concerned that if they backed the car up, they might injure him further, so they waited until enough cops showed up to lift the car off the suspect, who was heard by all my neighbors wailing "AYUDA ME! AYUDA ME!" which is you don't know is Mexican for "Help me". Which of course they did. The helped him to State Prison, and he is still there with his homies from the ghetto. Otherwise known as "Hood Rats". They take turns tattooing each others eyeballs and trading sexual favors for extra food. It had rained recently, and so the ground was soft and wet. Otherwise Papi Chulo might have died of suffocation from having a Crown Victoria on top of him. Which strikes me as gawd awful hilarious, as they memorialize their dead each year by making a shrine with candles, lights, bible, etc... and I can see the shrine with the authentic reproduction of the police interceptor model of the Crown Victoria (with working lights & sound) being the focal point of poor Tio Emilio's shrine, brutally murdered by the cops for doing nothing but taking a shortcut while he was on his way to church.

    The Police arrested and charged every adult in the house. It was a large family. The kids went to Child Protective Services, the Adults went to jail. They also seized the house, as it was used in the distribution of narcotics, and they impounded all the vehicles parked there, for the same reason. Even the car owned by the boyfriend of the daughter that lived there.

    Months later, the house went into foreclosure, was purchased on the cheap by an investor who flipped it (badly, as usual) and sold it to a clueless white couple from some place like Wisconsin. Bienvenidos a la Barrio, Wedos!
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