Watch out for the Snakes, they bite and they bite HARD!!!

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    Hey I just wanted to drop a line to this community and let them know of what to watch out for. As you guys have noticed that there has been a huge growth of these "so called" affiliate networks, well I am here to tell you to WATCH OUT. These fly by night networks let affs do pretty much anything they want, which has shown from past can't happen for long. (it may be easier to get a join with these cheap tricks but it only assures the network will go down in a few months when the chargebacks that they don't care about catch up.(If a network doesn't care about chargebacks or does nothing to keep them as low as possible, its not if they will go down its WHEN! (from what the past has shown, the "proof is in the pudding.") So lets begin, the first is a network that is called spiritbux, it is owned by one of the old owners of CRUSHDOLLARS, yes I said it. I know it I cant believe he has the nuts to come back after all the people they screwed over and try to start another network. Hope the 18 yr older can get it right this time! LOL I wouldnt trust it in a million years I mean his first biller was down in the first week and now he's offering $30/sale. (desperate much??) You know waht that means. Seems all those networks that offer those high payouts fall so fast, wonder why???LOL Or how about privatebucks, its owned by one of the biggest snakes ever, who personally ripped me off over $20,000. AHHHHHHH! He then had a disagreement with CU cause they had gotten jipped like $500k (OUCH!!) and he wanted to just F all the affs and start a new network ( thank god for the owner of CU for having a heart and not allowing this!).

    I am not here to dog the industry, cause I love this industry and I still pull in $xx,xxx/week doing it. I am just here to tell my fellow mates what is going on behind the gates.

    I know some of you will be like oh he doesnt konw shit he only has 1 post, but let me assure you that, that couldnt be further from the truth. I just enjoy my privacy. I just couldn't sit back anymore while these guys are out there again trashing an already rough industry. We need to stop these shaddy networks from getting off the ground, cause when they go down and screw everyone. It hurts more then just the people who dont get paid, it tarnishes the industry a bit more. Till one day the billers just say screw it were over this, then what???

    So in close lets keep the good networks alive and there are a few, and get these snakes off the path. I mean the main instict of a snake is to bite. Its not if, its WHEN and HOW HARD!!!