Was there a change on blogs?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ravi546, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Hello, i am new to SEO and have been learning alot lately. I have learned that spamming blog comments with scrapebox may not be as effective as manually commenting on high pr niche related blogs.

    I have been harvesting massive lists of blogs that allow comments and have manually been through about 100 blogs and can't seem to comment on any of them. I have wasted alot of time typing out my comment to make it related to the post and then when i click submit it either says the page cannot be found, gives me a blank white screen, does nothing at all, or just reloads the page and then when i scroll down to see if my comment is there, it is not.

    I've tried googling the problem but it seems as if nobody else has this problem :S. Did something change in the past few hours? we cannot comment on any blogs any more?
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    Whats the timestamp for the last successful comment? it may well be a local issue. try changing browser. I know for a fact that Google chrome can still be a little buggy on some sites. I have lost count of the number of tumes i have been doing something online and it kept returning an error, after switching to IE I was able to complete the action.

    Try that and see how it goes. Also they my be using the "stopforumspam" plugin and you ip address could be shitlisted, try switching ip's