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    Watrol is one of Markethealth hottest selling products. Thats a fact and today all the affiliates received notification that they need to change their sites to mention that Wartrol is not a "genital warts relief" cure but rather its now a "personal warts relief" cure that cures warts on your hands and feet.

    Amazing isnt it? Wartrol has been marketed as a "genital warts relief" forumula for at least 8yrs. Now all of a sudden its doesnt treat that anymore?

    Maybe the little fairy came to Gary in his sleep last night and said, "Hey Gary, your scamming people with your false claims, you better do something before you get in trouble". Maybe thats why all of a sudden Gary had a change of heart. Who knows.

    What i will tell you is that Greedy Gary McNelley would never modify his product label or claim his product treated another ailment unless somebody from higher up CRACKED down on his ass for scamming the thousands upon thousands of desperate seeking genital wart users.

    I'd say the FTC chimed in. When enough customers complain they will investigate but im digressing ...

    As one customer mentioned under the keywords "WARTOL" Google US, "I took this product wartrol to my doctor and read him the ingredients. My doctor told me that the listed ingredients does absolutely nothing to cure or suppress the symptoms associated with genital warts".

    As with every product Gary McNelley sells AKA Pacific Naturals, every product his selling is an absolute scam all wrapped up in one pretty package.

    I give Markethealth less than 5yrs to stay in business. Sooner or later every product GM and Pacific Naturals products will be under scrutiny and when it discovered what a SHAM/SCAM they are running, they will be shut down for good. Mark my words people, these leeches wont be in business for too much longer.

    Rencently, we did some investigating and discovered some interesting facts about the head poncho at MH.

    Around the end of 2010 Gary McNelley purchased himself a lovely block of land in Malibu, off the pacific hwy for those of you who know L.A. for an estimate 4 million dollars.

    4 millions dollars? WOW! The scammer continues to get away with it and profits heavily. Well after all, most of this money is coming from the millions of dollars they are shaving off affiliate commissions not to mention some other nasties that Gary is involved in.

    So to recap, here is that famous letter from GM for wartrol

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    Every publicity can be a good one, even if doesnt look like it at first.