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    Hey BHW,

    Let me start by saying it's nice to see some actual human beings in IM. I'm so used to the fakeness of the WF that I forgot normal people can be found on the internet. BTW I'm writing this mostly for myself because I have nothing better to do, so feel free to stop reading after "Hey BHW," if my life story bores you.

    I first learned about affiliate marketing (and by extension all internet marketing) in late 2010 after I realized that I hate being told what to do and probably wouldn't be able to hold down a job (or at least nothing above Denny's janitor). So I wandered around Google for a month or so, slowly trying to find out if IM was profitable enough to pursue...

    Then I found the Warrior Forum.

    According to them, I'd be making six figures a week for 20 minutes of work.

    Oh Boy! I can be this guy!

    It was obvious BS, but the fact that other people not only believed this stuff, but paid for it had me intrigued. Goldmine! I thought. And Goldmine it was. I bought a couple WSO's (well, not actually "bought" if you know what I mean ;)) and searched around Google for some basic how-to info, took a couple days to make a WSO out of said basic info, wrote out some BS story about how I was making a killing with fiverr, paid the listing fee and put it up.

    I made $428

    Not much if you believe the "OVER 10,000 SOLD" headers you see (which I hope you don't), but it was the first money I made, and I proved that the internet is filled with idiots just waiting for me to take their money. Over the last year, I released a couple more but didn't make much. I was in the process of learning about IM so it didn't really bother me that I wasn't a millionaire yet. The Bentley can wait.

    But the Warrior Forum has been particularly insufferable as of late, and it seems you can't make big $$$ unless you suck up to older members so they'll write reviews for you (What's this? Fake reviews on the Warrior Forum?! I know, you're shocked.) So I found this place, where people seem to be much more tolerable and slightly more honest about what they do (and 70% of the members don't seem to be illiterate morons, which is always a plus.)

    My goal right now is $10,000 a month of fairly low maintenance income consistently by the middle of 2013. Luckily I'm in a position right now where I don't really have to rush so with all the extra time I have, I might be able to do it by the end of this year (or knowing me, I'll probably just end up watching Seinfeld reruns.) I don't know much technical stuff beyond "make thing, tell people to go to thing, get money", but the few threads I've read so far already have my head spinning with ideas.

    Well, that's my life for the past year and a half. I hope you enjoyed the wall of text. And if you didn't, that's fine too, I had fun reminiscing about the idiots who bought my "secret methods". Ug... and all the questions they asked...

    "herr derr, how does i install wordpress? :dunce:"

    Oh, that's another thing. I promise not to try and sell you guys things. As naive as it sounds, I'd like to think of this as the one place on the internet where I won't try to BS people and they won't try to BS me. Like I said, Naive. We'll see.

    Well, that's it. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a sandwich next to me that I completely forgot about and deserves to be eaten...